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Module  3


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Now it's time to write. You may or may not consider yourself a writer, but each and every one of us is the author of our own lives. We each hold a pen, and every day is a blank page. As mentioned previously, it's time to face our past money story and lay it rest so that we may move forward unbound by it. 

This is the story...YOUR STORY that shaped your mindset about money. The following exercise's purpose is not just a partial reiteration of what you answered in the previous exercise but also a deep dive into your money history. It's your "Once upon a time..." story.  It may go back to as early as you can remember, or even an account that's been on repeat throughout your life that has imprinted itself so deep within you, you're not even consciously aware of it anymore.  You see the outcome of your old money story every day and in almost every situation.  

Are you someone who makes the statement, "this always happens to me!" Maybe you also "wait for the other shoe to drop" if something is going RIGHT, you wait in anticipation for it to turn around and go WRONG.  We know how exhausting this is; we don't allow ourselves to enjoy ourselves when things are going well, and we're already tied in knots over what hasn't happened but COULD happen. Aren't you ready to reveal your money story so that you may unravel it and even rewrite it?

Once you can pinpoint old money beliefs and how they have shaped your daily thinking, you can then rewrite and improve your relationship with money and turn your money story into your money transformation! 

Sit a few minutes to think about your past money story, then set a timer for 10-15 minutes and write about your experience revolving around money that left a lasting impression on you. It may even help to be given permission to write messy as you unload it to your paper.  As you begin writing, you may find that it begins to pour out of you...allow it to happen. It's time to let go!  


My Money Story

It's ok if you need more time. Take your time and use the space you need... This is an important step. 

You may decide to keep this to yourself or feel free to share with others in the private Facebook Group.










"When you let go, you create space for better things to enter your life." ~ Unknown


How do you feel? We know the energy it takes to revisit these things. Rest for now and let it marinate. The next module is exciting. Next, you will get to write your NEW money story.

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