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Welcome to Becoming UnLeashed!

We’re excited you’re here with us!  

Becoming UnLeashed is more than a statement, but a deep-down belief in yourself and a new outlook on life. It’s not just where you are today due to your past, but also where you are going and tomorrow’s ahead.


We’re excited to help you work through the stumbling blocks that we stumbled through. As women, we know you’re ready to simply move forward and live your best and most precious lives without fear in this season of life.


Part of this will be conquering issues surrounding our self-doubt and other rooted issues from our pasts. You can handle anything. Your fear is a reaction to things that have occurred in the past.  

Daily, we will be working on mindset regarding issues we deal with as women in this stage of our lives like:

  • Having to start over from square one or close to it

  • Friendships that have changed or disappeared as we changed as women

  • Self-care….and how we STOP taking care of ourselves or let ourselves go.

  • Stresses unique to women our age.

  • Worth…and how we value or don’t value ourselves

  • Our body image and how we view ourselves now compared to when we were younger.

  • Our confidence or loss of confidence.

  • Difficulty letting go of what no longer serves us and how to be an overcomer and move forward.

  • And last, how to reveal more abundance in our lives…in any area, and give thanks for it.

Working through these issues can help us release old fears and hurts and finally start living the life we deserve.


For this program, each day is straightforward. Take a few moments to either read the daily thought or listen along or on-the-go with the MP3 audio. Each day you will have an accompanying affirmation to either print off or save the image to your phone or desktop. However, it works best for you to keep it close and see it throughout the day.


Let’s get started!

Click "First Lesson" to begin Module 1 of "Clarity," or return to the Program Dashboard.

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