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We’ve found in our years of supporting women (and learning more about ourselves), that FEAR is usually the underlying culprit that keeps us stuck in old habits, lifestyles that are no longer working, friendships that need releasing, relationships that stopped working eons ago…. or fill in the blank for yourself ________________________. 

Our fears keep us from UnLeashing our true selves and being who we were put on this planet to be. It can be exhausting. So, we are starting this program with FEAR, and knocking everything else down from there.

Some of the fears we deal with in our 40’s 50’s and beyond are:

Fear Of...

Too many women get stuck their heads...not moving forward and frozen by these fears. Sometimes, we just find it’s easier to default back to what we know and what’s been “comfortable” to us in the past.


Too many of us end up simply giving up. We’re beaten down to the point where we decide it’s just easier to wait until life settles, time allows, or opportunities magically appear. We end up keeping ourselves on the back burner indefinitely. Can you relate?

In our opinion, fear should be a four-letter word. Some of our greatest obstacles in life are surrounded by F-E-A-R. But what if you pushed through this time? What if you knew just how limitless you really are?

Fears place massive limits on our happiness…on our lives in general. If fear were removed, the limitations that we place on ourselves could be nonexistent.


Have you noticed that some women…, leaders, women who are grounded and at peace, who are confident in who they are and what they do...they just seem to have a certain quality to them?  You can feel it just being around them! This is a feeling we think EVERY woman should have!

We can only imagine that you’re nodding in agreement as we speak these words. Your dreams have been traded for the 8-5, kid’s soccer practice, cheer, school, meal planning, chasing a business opportunity over there while considering starting this opportunity over here. Doing it all while keeping LIFE running as smoothly as possible - which let’s face it, we would be the first to say we’re too busy reacting vs. executing well-planned tasks. Would you agree you feel the same way? Maybe the life details differ, but regardless, life has lifted us off the ground, and we are at the mercy of where it drops us off. We’ll take that break, plan that vacation, or pick up that business when things settle down or finances ease up. Who knows, maybe you feel guilty, even thinking about “your thing.”

Unfortunately, everything I’ve mentioned is a crippling symptom of a lack of clarity. I’ll rephrase that to help it sink in even more. NOT having clarity of your passion, real strengths, and abilities, will cripple any attempts to move forward and succeed, whether in business or in life.

We’ve realized that many women (including ourselves along the way) have lost our clarity. It’s important to each of us; in fact, it SHOULD be a TOP PRIORITY to know EXACTLY what your burning passion is, and actually be able to create goals and a plan underneath it, building strong support so that it can stand on its own.


We realize that stopping to do some self-evaluation can be daunting, or maybe you even feel it’s long overdue, and you’re excited to get started. Regardless, it’s an important step to take, and we really believe that if you’re here with us, you’re ready and willing to do what you need to do to uplevel your life and create YOUR LIFE designed YOUR WAY.


So let’s not waste any more time. It’s time to get started.  

Find a quiet place without any interruptions. Turn off your phone notifications or simply place in another room while you complete the following exercise. Please, take your time, but also don’t overthink it too much. Go with your gut, trust your instincts, your answers may surprise you.

Stop here and complete “The Revealing” exercise in your workbook now, or use the exercises below and answer in your own notebook.

...what others will think about us. Yes, we can still be stuck here after years of life chipping away and wearing us down.

...not having enough. Sometimes, we tend to keep an eye on what others have instead of what’s right in front of us.

...being alone. So many of us are starting over after life has taken a turn we weren’t expecting.

...our ever-changing bodies. (Menopause, weight gain, health issues that we’ve never dealt with before.)

...failure of what could happen if we step out of our comfort zone.

It’s time to get out of our heads.  Experience has taught us that what worries you, masters, you.

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Complete the following sentences. Some of these you may need to think about for a while, others you may know how to answer right away. The Clarity Modules will help you reveal known and unknown (buried) dreams and ideas.

1. Right now, I am excited by _____.

2. I am inspired most by _____.

3. I feel the happiest when _____.

4. I am so bored when _____.

5. I have always dreamed of _____.

6. I believe very strongly in _____.

7. I wish every living person could _____.

8. I believe that ultimate freedom is _____.

9. I become angry when _____.

10. You couldn’t pay me enough money to _____.

11. When I’m busy doing _____, I lose complete track of time.

12. Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to _____.

13. I spin out of control and fall back into old behaviors when _____.

Stop and think about the times you got things back together, in a flow, or felt like life settled down and was “good” for a short time.

1. I get back on track, overcome, life settles down, becomes better when ____. (List at least 3)

2. Looking back over this module, which answer(s) above surprised you the most?

3. Notes/thoughts spurred by this exercise:

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